Liquor Store Blues (feat. Damian Marley)

Bruno Mars

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2010-09-21
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:52

Bruno Mars Music Video


  • I luv u!

    By Piggy pig luver
    Bruno, i hav loved u foreva and always. Its about time i can tell you, YOU ARE THE ONE!
  • Drugs=Short Life

    By Li' Boi GaGa
    In this music video, they are both high and I'm very disappointed at Bruno kuz I don't want him to die out. Stupid drugs!
  • A Little History...

    By AwesomerThanU4
    So, this song, and video, and the song and video came out before bruno mars' first album, doo-wops and hooligans. They were on an EP called 'it's better if you don't understand' along with talking to the moon and a few others. So this was all created BEFORE Bruno was very popular and had the money and support to do great music videos, so for the revenue I'm assuming he had at the time, this video is pretty good
  • Bruno mars rocks

    By Rosefay8
    So funny so cool I love the song and video
  • Mmmmmmmm

    By Chloe Young
    Great song.. Plain video. Only smoke and dancing...
  • Love this song, but video is CHEAP!

    By pascal mose
    This is my favourite Bruno mars song. I like it more than 'nothing on you' or 'grenade' I love Damian marley too; his song 'beautiful' is my fav of all time. Bruno, this video is really cheap (sorry but I think you already know that anyway)
  • Not what I expected

    By Kimberly Goorbarry
    It is my least favorite song of the album wasnt expecting a music video at all from this song, yet the video isnt that big of a deal. Sorry Bruno love you
  • Incredible

    By Shortcake16
    The video may look cheap but, I think it's a good video. I expected more but, I think it actually goes with the lyrics unlike some other Bruno looks sexy in it:) it's funny how they made the video with smoke and colors swirling around n let alone Damian Marley being in it. When I watch the video it makes me think I'm high lol any ways over all it's an incredible video!!! I had Bieber Fever but it went away n now i caught "MARS S.A.R.S"lol It's all about BRUNO MARS!!!
  • Not a very good video

    By Telugumovielover
    Idc about the video, but the song is great, I loved it from the first listen which was long before this video! :D Bruno has such a great clear voice
  • What?!

    By dcscc
    No!! Please let this be a joke! Bruno you cant be seriouse just the way you are and grenade were such great videos with a story to them and fun To watch but this is really disappointing. This is a huge step down for him! I'm a huge fan of Bruno's but I really did not like this video at all. all he does in it is stand around and sing. The same with everybody else that is in it and they just tried to make it seem interesting by adding a whole bunch of cheap special effects and smoke. I'm really disappointed and YEAH it's not what I was expecting AT ALL. I was really looking forward to another amazing video by Bruno Mars but sadly this just didn't deliver :( I'm still waiting for him to announce that this was all a big joke and that the real liquor store blues video is going to come out later.

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